Sri Nimmakayala ChinaRajappa Garu

Nimmakayala Chinarajappa garu, born into a farming family, rose through the ranks of the Telugu Desam Party to lead East Godavari district for over two decades. His electoral victories and governance reflect a deep commitment to Peddapuram, showcasing resilience and dedication in service to his constituents.

Nimmakayala Chinarajappa sir Journey in Time

 Timeline traces a path from grassroots activism to district presidency, marked by governance, ministerial roles, electoral victories, and unwavering commitment to Peddapuram.

Nimmakayala Chinarajappa embodies the essence of a grassroots leader whose journey traces back to the verdant lands of Pedagadavalli in East Godavari District. Born into a simple peasant family on October 1, 1953, Chinarajappa’s roots run deep, nurturing values of hard work, dedication, and service from an early age.

His political odyssey commenced in 1983 when he aligned with the Telugu Desam Party, paving the way for an illustrious career. Swiftly rising through the party’s ranks, he etched his name as an exemplary leader committed to the welfare of his community.

His tenure as President of East Godavari district from 1992 to 2014 signifies an era of visionary leadership, steering the district party to unprecedented heights. Beyond political titles, Chinarajappa’s governance extended to critical institutions, shaping healthcare initiatives as Chairman of the Andhra Pradesh State Medical and Health and demonstrating administrative prowess as Chairman of Civil Supplies and Director of Canara Bank.

Victorious in both the 2014 and 2019 elections from the Peddapuram constituency, he secured unwavering trust and support from his constituents. His leadership wasn’t confined to electoral triumphs; it transcended into pivotal ministerial positions like Deputy Chief Minister, Home Minister, and Disaster Management Minister, where his mettle shone during critical moments.

Born on October 1, 1953, in Pedagadavalli, Uppalaguptam Zone, East Godavari District, Nimmakayala Chinarajappa embraced his family's farming legacy, instilling in him values of hard work and humility.

Commencing his political journey in 1983 with the Telugu Desam Party, Chinarajappa began his foray into active politics, driven by a passion for serving the people.

Ascending to the prestigious position of President of East Godavari district in 1992, he led the district party with distinction for over two decades, showcasing astute leadership and organizational prowess.

During his tenure, Chinarajappa governed pivotal institutions, including the Andhra Pradesh State Medical and Health as Chairman in 1995, overseeing critical healthcare initiatives. He also served as Chairman of Civil Supplies in 1998 and as Director of Canara Bank in 2001, exhibiting his administrative acumen.

In 2014, Chinarajappa contested and won as an MLA from the Peddapuram constituency, earning the trust and support of his constituents. His victory was reaffirmed in the 2019 elections, further cementing his rapport with the people.

Throughout his political career, Chinarajappa held pivotal ministerial positions, including Deputy Chief Minister, Home Minister, and Disaster Management Minister, showcasing adept governance and crisis management skills.

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Sri Nimmakalaya Chinarajappa Garu

MLA (2014-Present)

Sri Nimmakayala Ranganag Garu

TDP Youth Leader