The 1000+ Crore Development Triumph

During his tenure as Home Minister from 2014 to 2019, N Chinna Rajappa Garu led an extensive transformation in the region. His initiatives resulted in the construction of modern government facilities and the establishment of dual greenery-bordered thoroughfares. Under his leadership, residential schools not only provided quality education but also offered housing solutions. Community halls emerged as hubs fostering community unity, while revamped drainage and water systems significantly improved residents’ daily lives. Addressing housing needs, the construction of apartment complexes commenced, complementing the extensive development of rural roads. Upgrading rural government buildings and constructing individual homes showcased a holistic approach to comprehensive regional development under his stewardship.

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Budget :- 200cr

Through visionary initiatives, China Rajappa Garu transformed aspirations into reality, overseeing the construction of over 4000 homes in modern apartment complexes. His steadfast dedication bridged the gap between dreams and actuality, providing families with affordable, comfortable living spaces. This monumental effort reshaped lives, empowering communities and making homeownership a tangible reality for countless individuals, marking an enduring legacy of accessible housing.

Budget :- 200cr

Through visionary leadership, China Rajappa Garu transformed the landscape and livelihoods of communities. With an innovative approach, the once congested thoroughfare evolved into a dual-way road, featuring a central divider adorned with lush greenery. This visionary project not only alleviated traffic congestion but also symbolized connectivity, uniting two municipalities seamlessly. It’s a testament to how this leader’s progressive vision harmonized urban development with environmental enhancement, creating a practical yet picturesque corridor that significantly improved residents’ lives and the region’s infrastructure.

Budget :- 200cr

Under China Rajappa Garu leadership, brand new government buildings, hospitals, offices, and bus stops were constructed from scratch. They made a crucial decision to replace outdated, century-old structures. This transformation ensured that people could easily access essential services in modern, purpose-built facilities. It reflects our leader’s commitment to progress, providing accessible and efficient spaces that cater to the needs of our community in today’s world.

Budget :- 1600cr

The successful implementation of the Purushothapatnam Lift Irrigation Project, with an investment of 1600 crores, now facilitates year-round crop production. By harnessing water from the Godavari River, this visionary initiative ensures consistent irrigation, empowering farmers to cultivate crops throughout the year. This sustainable water supply has transformed agricultural practices, offering stability and increased yields, marking a significant leap towards food security and prosperity for the region.

Budget :- 300+ cr

Embracing rural development as a priority, China Rajappa Garu spearheaded initiatives encompassing crucial aspects like road connectivity, drainage systems, clean drinking water, and community infrastructure. Under his leadership, roads were expanded, efficient drainage systems installed, and access to clean drinking water ensured. Community halls and centers were established, fostering social cohesion and enabling spaces for collective growth. These endeavors collectively uplifted rural areas, enhancing living standards and fostering a sense of community progress and well-being.

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Sri Nimmakalaya Chinarajappa Garu

MLA (2014-Present)

Sri Nimmakayala Ranganag Garu

TDP Youth Leader